Places to See: Czech Republic
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Places to See: Czech Republic

charles-bridgeLocated in Central Europe, and sharing borders with Germany, Austria, Poland, and Slovakia, the Czech Republic has a variety of things to offer. Being known for it’s musicians, Czech has a variety of concerts and festivals you can attend. The picturesque landscape plays host to the famous Prague Castle among other historical buildings, national parks, cathedrals, spas and medieval towns. Some of the finest beers in the world are also brewed in Czech.

Whether you visit the capital or the small towns tucked in the country side, Czech has it all. In Moravia there is an excellent museum and an Augustinian Monastery. Outside of the city of Brno, there are vineyards that sprawl across the landscape, with small towns placed few and far between. There is plenty of wine tasting and golf destinations in these more rural parts of the country.

In the south is the famous city of Ceske Budejovice, or Budweis in English, who’s brewery was founded in 1895. There is also a large castle, Krumlov, in a quaint city where the Vltava runs through.

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