Famous landmarks of Europe
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Famous landmarks of Europe

All around the world there are famous landmarks that draw in visitors. There are monuments, cultural icons and famous places of worship that inspire wonder and all we need to do is make travel plans to go and see them in person. This type of travel might take you to the Red Square in Russia or maybe to Guggenheim museum in Spain.

The windmills of Amsterdam are seen on post cards and if you go to visit this area of Europe, you will also admire the canals and farm lands that are absolutely breathtaking.  Nearby in the UK, St. Paul’s Cathedral and Stonehenge are popular landmarks and the House of Parliament is another well known landmark found in this area. The Neuschwanstein Castle is located in Germany and Greece is where you can marvel at the Acropolis. 

Other famous destinations are the French Alps for those who love to ski but you can also ski Italy and later tour the Colosseum and then take a picture of the Leaning Tower of Pisa before you go home.  Which famous landmarks you choose to see in person is up to you and you can research them all online to help you make your travel decision.  

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